Even though you may only have a three person family business, we can offer you a benefit package that would be equivalent to what is offered by the big dogs. 

A 401k can be brought to the table with our partnership!

If cost were not an issue, would you want your business to offer a Hospital plan, critical care, cancer, disability, dental, accident and life insurance?   How about no initiation fees, deductibles, nor networks?  We could even include a complementary cafeteria plan for pre-tax savings for the business, as well as, savings for the employees.  A plan like this could be offered at your business, and on average, an employee would only pay a little over a dollar a day per policy that they choose.  Telemedicine could also be a very affordable option offered. 

Employee benefits help with attracting and retaining employees.  

We can have rates run on Workers Compensation and General Liability Coverage.

An affordable option over regular health insurance could be a cost sharing plan. 

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