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Superior Health Insurance Coverage

Rely on White Insurance Services for Top-Quality Group and Individual Health Insurance Policies

Get Health Insurance Coverage for Your Business.

At White Insurance Services of Amarillo, TX, we can help you get quality health insurance coverage for a group of at least two employees.  We work with reliable and reputable insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Health Care. Call us today at 806-622-2855 to find out more about the new government mandates regarding health insurance.


Group insurance helps an employer attract and retain employees.  We can offer complimentary Telemedicine as well as cafeteria plans.

For about fifty cents a day you can

enroll your family with Teladoc.

Click the "Let's Go" button.

Pivot Health offers cost effective plans that work similar to pre-ACA compliance for individuals ages 18 to 62.   They also have a Bridge to Medicare coverage for people age 62 until Medicare coverage begins.

Let us have a complImentary quote run to save you money on business, auto or house insurance!

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