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Exceptional Supplemental Insurance Policies

Be Financially Prepared to Handle Medical Emergencies and Grave Medical Conditions

The average American has a one-in-three chance of developing cancer. There are people suffering from heart attacks and strokes almost every minute.  

Medical Bankruptcy can occur when someone has health insurance, but cannot afford the deductible and copay.

You can request your appointments with us online.

Types of Coverage:

  • Accident - 24/7 coverage: Great for everyone, but even better for those that ride motorcycles and participate in sports or other physical activities.

  • Cancer - The average man has a one out of two chance of developing cancer sometime in his life.

  • Critical Care - The number one cause of death among women is heart disease.

  • Dental - We have a plan which offers no deductible nor network.

  • Vision - Save money on exams, glasses and contacts.

Humana Dental and Vision policies can be purchased directly.

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Physicians Mutual is now available for Dental INSURANCE with Vision and Hearing.

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