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Excellent Life Insurance Services

Choose From a Variety of Top Insurance Brands

Invest in Quality Life Insurance to Secure Your Future

Term Life Insurance provides protection for a specified period of time. Term Life is sometimes convertible to permanent coverage, providing you with flexibility as your needs change.

Whole Life Insurance offers unique advantages to you, such as a guaranteed death benefit, level-guaranteed premiums and lifetime insurance protection.  An additional benefit of participating whole life insurance is the potential to receive dividends.

At White Insurance Services, we offer different types of term and permanent / whole insurance.  Working with several different insurance companies such as National Farm Life, Aflac, National Life Group and Gerber Life gives us the ability to provide the best possible life insurance solutions for you and your family. 

National Farm Life is based in Fort Worth, TX.  Because dividends can be attached, it gives substantial growth over a person's life.  These policies are excellent to set up for children.  Children's policies can generally be started for less than $13 per month.

Even if someone is 50 years old or older, and has health and/or weight problems, we can still get them life insurance coverage.

We can also show you how life insurance can generate tax free money, which can be used to help fund retirement, college, weddings, long term care and funerals.


Call us to discuss Key Man Life and Buy-Sell Agreements.  

We are proud of our clients support.  Thank you for giving us the company wide #10 ranking with National Farm Life Insurance in 2019, as well as, #11 in 2021.

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